Photos with a Heartbeat.

I have always loved stories. When I was a little girl, my dad used to read me books every night that I had stacked high into towers. I realized later on in my life that stories could be told with more than just words. The words had always woven tapestries in my mind, but pictures helped them come to life.

Photographs capture every aspect of life. Blowing out the candle of a birthday cake. Crossing the finish line at a track meet. The day he finally decides to propose. I believe photos should encapsulate the special moments in life. A living, breathing moment.

Photos with a heartbeat.

My journey into photography started in middle school, when my parents bought me my first digital camera. I am an avid documenter in every way. I write my journal daily and never leave home without my camera. The summer after my freshman year in college, I finally took the plunge and invested in my first DSLR, just in time for my study abroad trip to Spain. In Spain, my lens greedily absorbed the landscapes, culinary delights, and scenes of city life.

I don’t ever want to operate this business for a profit. I see every session as a gift of grace because apart from Christ, I am and have nothing. Each photo shoot is a blessing in that I get to share in your lives and help you document the moments that matter. If the Lord wills, I can continue to take pictures that make a difference and capture that living moment. A photo with a heartbeat.